Twin Peaks Mystery in 1990 TV Guide

In September, 1990, Twin Peaks returned for its second season. The first season finale had been a huge disappointment for many, as the network had teased that Laura's killer would be solved in the episode, causing considerable backlash.

In their September 8-14 edition (which cost 79c!), TV Guide interviewed four prominent authors of the time and asked them who they thought killed Laura, and what they would write about in season two. 

Some of their answers were funny, some were irritating and rudely dismissive of the show, but, for me, it was all immensely interesting to see what some of the opinions of the show were, as it was screening.

I found some rather poor-quality images from the original article that I have used, but only had a transcript of the text. I have retyped and formatted the text into columns, to give it an authentic magazine feel and so that it is more legible. Enjoy!