Twin Peaks' Nadine Hurley Receives the Feminist Punk Treatment

Hailing from North London, grrrrrl punk band Skinny Girl Diet has penned a frenetic ode to every Twin Peaks fan's favourite 'Drape Crusader', Nadine Hurley. The band, touted by some as this generation's Bikini Kill, did away with stereotypes and, rather than emulating the usual Lynchian shoe-gazing ingénues, play tribute to 'the girl with one eye'.  

The video is fun with lots of Twin Peaks references to keep us visually interested. It successfully captures the Lynchian vibe, without crossing into 'Pinkle vs the Pine weasel' territory. (As awesome as that was. ) 

In a fierce performance worthy of Season Two-Nadine's super-strength, Skinny Girl Riot elevate the once self-declared 'poor little brown mouse' to a feminist icon with their thrashing track, and take her strength seriously, rather than just purely comic fodder. Remember, this is a character who recovered from a suicide attempt by summoning a character from within herself (young, wrestler Nadine) to emotionally (and physically) carry herself through her trauma. The daily pain that haunts Nadine, and which we see re-emerge in  a cruel twist of sandbag-to-the-head in the final episode of the series, is physically suppressed by releasing a super-hero like strength when she awakes from her coma.

Like The Log Lady, The Cowboy, and many other iconic characters from Lynch's works, Nadine Hurley belongs to the Lynchian universe and would probably never appear on any other show. Prime-time network shows aren't exactly brimming with Cyclopsian women with amnesia and a penchant for bench-pressing the weight-lifting equivalent of Jacques Renault.

Occasionally, I am also inspired by the great Nadine, and have created the following fan-art over the past few months.