Falling for Lynch

“The sky is still blue, 
The clouds come and go
Yet something is different
Are we falling in love?” 
– Falling: Music by Angelo Badalamenti, Lyrics by David Lynch, Performed by Julee Cruise. 

I am really excited to be able to share my story of how I came to be such a huge fan of my favorite director, artist and creative renaissance man; David Lynch. While I could speak about Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Wild at Heart and Mulholland Drive for days, I have chosen to primarily focus this entry on the magic that started it all for me – Twin Peaks.

Though I was not allowed to watch the show as I was too young, I remember seeing the commercials for Twin Peaks when I was in primary school and being immediately captivated. I vividly recall my older cousin Eleanor telling me that they had an American exchange student transfer to her school and one of the first things she asked her was, "So who killed Laura Palmer?" The buzz around this TV show fascinated me. Finally, when I was about 15, my parents let me watch the show and I was blown away. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, and over the next few years I think I checked out the entire series on VHS from the local video store about six times.

There are so many elements to Twin Peaks that captured my attention and made it the first show I fell deeply for. Sure, there are several episodes in the second season where Lynch and Frost’s guidance were sorely missed (the Evelyn Marsh and Little Nicky story lines, for example), but it is a testament to how much I adore the other aspects of the show that these faults fade into the background.

Always a fan of detective stories and mysteries, Dale Cooper’s eccentricities, his belief in the power of dreams and fate mixed with his exceptional moral compass and sensitivity, really spoke to my teenage self. The duality of Laura Palmer’s life also resonated with me, as like many teens I was battling with embracing my inner self and projecting a version that I thought would please my family, school and peers.  I also loved the humour, the dialogue, the clothes, the woods and the secrets, but most of all I loved that I had to watch it many times to solve all the puzzles presented throughout and truly understand all of the supernatural elements of the show.


I already played the saxophone and would spend hours learning jazz standards, so I immediately fell in love with Angelo Badalamenti's iconic soundtrack. I also began learning how to create “backwards speak” (as shown in The Red Room/Black Lodge sequences in the show), and would record myself reading phrases backwards and then reversing them in an audio program as shown here.
I also started my own FB fan page, "David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti" which you can view here;

When I was 17 and we got a dial-up modem I spent much of my time online battling with the drop-outs and its incompatibility with the now outdated O/S Windows 3.1.  Nevertheless, my obsession made me persevere, and I spent hours upon hours reading articles, joining message boards and discovering more and more about one of the co-creators of the show, David Lynch. Soon I began watching his movies; reading and purchasing books; listening to soundtracks from his works; looking at his art, paintings and furniture and I became completely transfixed with all things Lynch.* (*Except Dune - It just is a little too sci-fi for my tastes) 

I became the girl that couldn't overhear strangers talking about how Mulholland Drive didn't make any sense without politely interrupting them and giving them my interpretation. I would tell X-Files fans that their show wouldn't have been possible without Twin Peaks and I would write essays comparing the ear found in Blue Velvet to the ear removed in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

I started a tradition of hosting Twin Peaks marathons at my house with various groups of friends and acquaintances (complete with donuts and coffee of course) and that is where I met my future husband. For some of my photos and impressions during the four-day marathon I held this year to celebrate the release of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery on Bluray, please click hereI also have an article for menu suggestions for your own Twin Peaks Marathon, check out my menu suggestions here.

The colour scheme from the red room (black, white and red) had already infiltrated my home and wardrobe, so it was inevitable that this would be the basis for our wedding colour scheme.


It was only fitting (and yes, slightly strange) that one of our Honeymoon adventures was attending the annual Twin Peaks Festival about an hour north of Seattle in Snoqualmie and North Bend where the series was shot.  I got to stay in the hotel above the falls from the iconic opening credits of the show, eat cherry pie at the local diner, visit filming locations, and meet stars from the show as well as lots of weird and wonderful fans from around the world. As a girl from Adelaide (South Australia), this was an experience I never dreamed was possible,  but it was every bit as fun as I had imagined and one I hope to repeat again someday.

The exciting thing for me about my obsessions is that they give me a wealth of knowledge about subjects that I can write about.  I feel very grateful then, in the age of blogs and the like, that I can share my fixations with you and talk about my favourite subjects in this way.